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 XL - BASEL MODEL - U-BOAT - XL 45 mm                                             







 Technical data: 

- Professional helium valve on 9:00 o'clock, in order to be able to lead during external pressure

- reduction (e.g. emerging) the accumulating helium fast enough from the clock

- central second indicator

- Date indicator at 3:00 (quick winding with the crown at Pos. 1 clockwise rotation)

- Retrograde 2nd time Zone (GMT-indicator) at 7:00

- adjustable with the crown at the 1 position

- high quality precision movement Cal. GP01

- professional one side rotating bezel system

- casesize 40,3 mm; thick 13,8 mm; all stainless steel

- Screwed Crown; diameter 7 mm (25,4mm is 1 inch)

- 60 atm (1968 feet) water resistant 

- hardened mineral glas with DATE-Lens

- screwed bottom

- illumious hands and indexes

- high quality Stainless steel strap with protecting clasp (max. circumference 220mm)

- delivery incl. Certificate

- 24 month warranty 

The helium valve is especially for occupation diver interesting, who are held also in air environment on pressure. Helium atoms are so little that they can penetrate through sealings into the clock and can construct an interior pressure. This is further not tragically - if all helium atoms could leave in outside pressure reduction quickly enough the clock.  For this case we add this special valve, which lets the helium-atoms again outward, otherwise it would come to an explosion of the clock





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